Professional Floor Sanding and Floor Refinishing

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Professional Floor Sanding and Planing Services

At GulvKanonen, we have many years of experience with professional floor sanding and floor refinishing of all types of wooden floors.
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GulvKanonen is a nationwide company, which provides high-quality floor sanding, floor planing and floor refinishing. We offer professional floor services in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, and the rest of Denmark.

With many years of experience and a skilled workforce, we guarantee floor services of high quality that will make you proud to invite guests into your home.

We are experts in utilising specialised equipment to create beautiful, long-lasting results that are specifically tailored to your needs. For this reason, hiring a professional floor sanding company is a smart choice. At GulvKanonen, we offer these types of services:

  • Floor planing
  • Floor sanding
  • Floor refinishing (lye, vanish, oil, and paint)

When you hand over your keys to us, you can put away your worries and look forward to a job well-done as we have many years of industry experience.

Floor Sanding in Copenhagen and on Zealand

GulvKanonen offers floor planing and floor sanding in Copenhagen. Whether you live in the capital area or just outside, we are able to help you. We also offer our floor services to customers on the rest of Zealand.

We are always within reach and just a short drive away from you. With GulvKanonen as your professional provider of floor services, you will experience a high level of quality, flexibility, and service. This is what many other customers have experienced when they have been in need of floor planing and floor sanding in Copenhagen or another place on Zealand.

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Inexpensive Floor Sanding and Planing in All of Denmark

As a nationwide company with departments all over Denmark, GulvKanonen also offers professional floor services to customers in major Danish cities, such as Aarhus, Odense, and Aalborg, as well as other smaller cities throughout Denmark. No matter where in Denmark you live, we are capable of helping you.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of customers all over Denmark. We are known for our high level of quality and reasonable prices – but our customers also value our transparency, reliability and friendliness.

Other Types of Professional Floor Services

Besides floor sanding and floor planing, we also carry out other types of professional floor services, such as sanding of wooden staircases, tabletops, and terraces.

Furthermore, we are also able to help you with professional guidance and inspiration for your projects. In the end, our most important task is to make sure that you receive a high level of service and much satisfaction whenever you encounter GulvKanonen.


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Professional Floor Sanding and Refinishing Services

What is the difference between floor sanding and floor refinishing?

Floor sanding involves removing the top layer of a wooden floor to get rid of scratches and uneven surfaces. Floor refinishing is the process of applying a new finish, like varnish, oil, or paint, to restore the floor’s appearance and protect it from future damage.

How long does professional floor sanding and refinishing typically take?

The duration depends on the size of the floor and the extent of work required. Typically, floor sanding and refinishing can take anywhere from a couple of days to a week.

Is floor sanding a messy process?

Floor sanding can generate dust, but professional services use advanced dust extraction systems to minimize mess and ensure a clean working environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Floor sanding removes a smaller amount of wood than floor planing. In most cases, sanding the floor is sufficient to get the desired result; usually we only sand about a millimetre to remove small scratches and discolouration.

    Floor planing by comparison is used for very worn floors as it removes 2-4 times as much wood. This also means that it is not possible to perform floor planing many times.

  • We do not have a fixed floor sanding price as all floors are different. It is necessary for us to assess the floors – sometimes buffing the floor is sufficient even though you might think the floor has to be sanded. But after the assessment of your floor, you can be certain to receive a quote that is tailored specifically to your needs.

  • Our floor sanding equipment collect about 95 % of all dust while the rest is vacuumed once we have finished our work. Floor sanding might leave a small layer of dust on tabletops, which can be wiped off with a cloth.

  • We always recommend sanding the floor as the first step as the sanding might give off some dust. It is a pity if your newly painted walls become dirty during the floor sanding process, but you can easily wipe off the walls if you have painted prior to a floor sanding.

  • Yes! We always recommend using two-part varnish if you own a pet. Two-part varnish is very durable and able to withstand more than an ordinary finish.

Gulvafslibning i København

Hos Gulvkanonen er vi specialister i gulvafhøvlinggulvafslibning og efterbehandling af trægulve. Vores hovedkontor ligger i København, og hele virksomhedens fundament bygger derfor på gulvafhøvling og gulvafslibning i hovedstadsområdet. De seneste 10 år har vi dog vokset os større og større, og det betyder, at vi i dag ikke kun tilbyder gulvafslibning i København – vi dækker hele landet.

Vores speciale er afhøvling, afslibning og efterbehandling af trægulve, trapper og træterrasser, og vi hjælper både private kunder og virksomheder – uanset omfanget af opgaven.

God service og professionel rådgivning er nøgleordene i alt, hvad vi gør. Derfor har vi herunder samlet alt, hvad der er værd at vide om gulvafslibning i København og resten af landet. Så læs med og bliv klædt godt på til at træffe det bedste valg for renoveringen af dit trægulv, din træterrasse eller din trappe.

FAQ: Bliv klar til gulvafslibning i København

Vi oplever, at der er mange spørgsmål fra kunderne i forbindelse med en kommende gulvafslibning. Spørgsmålene omhandler alt fra afdækning og støv til tørretid.

Herunder har vi samlet de spørgsmål, vi oftest møder. Finder du ikke det svar, du har brug for, er du altid velkommen til at kontakte os.